Cholistan Water Crisis

Current Situation

The Cholistan, the largest desert in our country is burning the burnt of extreme heat, which is leaving livestock and animals dead. Water scarcity and dehydration are on rise and affecting the local population. Many sheep, goats and cows have died in the Desert following a harsh drought in the region that came up amid an ongoing heatwave across the country.

There are reports of forced migration of thousands of people and their cattle from the Cholistan to other areas, due to water scarcity.

Alkhidmat Response

Alkhidmat Foundation is on the ground carrying out much-needed relief activities. Our volunteers are fetching water and food and helping the locals to overcome this difficult time. Your financial support is needed to quench the thirst of the people, animals and birds in this region. Send your donations to Alkhidmat Foundation and help us provide food and water to the needy.

Cholistan Relief Activities

# Activity Quantity Beneficiaries
1 Water Tankers 114 7,239
2 Food Packages 1,312 9,184
3 Cooked Food 45 2,700
4 Animal Fooder 13 Tons 1,892
Total 19,123


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