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Success Stories

Alkhidmat WASH Program

Alkhidmat Foundation's WASH Program (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) is committed to addressing this issue by providing sustainable water solutions for communities in need. Our water projects include the installation of water filtration plants, water pumps, handpumps, and gravity flow schemes in rural areas. These efforts have resulted in a reliable supply of clean drinking water and improved community health, particularly in areas facing water scarcity.

Through our community-based approach, we prioritize the most vulnerable populations, such as women and children, who are disproportionately affected by waterborne illnesses. Our efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in the incidence of waterborne illnesses, leading to a decrease in child mortality and improved community health in rural areas.

Let's work together to bring an end to the water crisis in Pakistan. Your contribution to Alkhidmat Foundation can help us build water filtration plants and wells in areas that lack access to clean water.

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February 22, 2024Alkhidmat Foundation's Milestones as Reaching Millions by 2023
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March 24, 2023Sadqah For Water
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March 23, 2023A Precious Resource
Alkhidmat& Provision OF Clean Water
March 23, 2023Alkhidmat& Provision OF Clean Water
22nd July, Smog Free Lahore, Mega Plantation Drive (Phase 3)
CompletedAugust 1114:00 To 20:0022nd July, Smog Free Lahore, Mega Plantation Drive (Phase 3)
Location: Expo Centre, Johar Town
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