Afghanistan Earthquake Emergency

A devastating 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit eastern Afghanistan last night, killing at least 1000 people. An estimated 2000 were reported injured. Hundreds of homes have been completely destroyed leaving thousands of people displaced under the open sky. Many people were asleep when the earthquake struck. Other critical infrastructure such as roads and power supplies have also been badly damaged.

killing at least 1000 people. An estimated 2000 were reported injured.

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Qurbani Appeal 2022

Currency Cow Cow Share Goat
PKR 98,000 14,000 28,000
Currency Cow Cow Share Goat
PKR 112,000 16,000 35,000
Currency Sheep
PKR 80,000
Burma Refugees
Currency Cow Cow Share
PKR 175,000 25,000
Syrian Refugees
Currency Sheep
PKR 40,000

Say, "Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allāh, Lord of the worlds.

Al-‘An'am 6/162

Alkhidmat 2021

Provided Humanitarian Services to Over 13.9 Million Deserving People.

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Alkhidmat Beneficiaries 2021

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Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is one of the leading, non-profit organization, fully dedicated to humanitarian services since 1990. Alkhidmat workers and volunteers continue to work tirelessly for the relief of affected people across Pakistan and worldwide. Our dedicated services include disaster management, health services, education, orphan care, clean water, Mawakhat (interest-free loan) and other community services.

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Qurbani Appeal

Eid-ul-Adha reminds us about the great sacrifice (Qurbani) of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismail (AS) to show their unconditional love, devotion, and sincerity with Allah (SWT)...

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Direct deposits or transfers can be made into our accounts at any of the banks. Select your preferred bank from the list to see the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan account details. If you wish to receive a receipt acknowledging your Zakat or donation after making a direct deposit, please email us at [email protected] .

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You can donate through cheques or bank drafts made out in favour of “Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan”. To have these cheques picked up from your doorstep, simply call at 0800 44 44 8 or 0304 111 4 222 and Alkhidmat's representative will collect it. You can also send your cheque by courier to: Alkhidmat Complex, 3km Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.