Aghosh Homes
Vice President Alkhidmat Aijaz Ullah Khan met with President Alkhidmat AJK

A meeting held at the Alkhidmat AJK office, Vice President Aijaz Ullah Khan, alongside Chairman of the Planning & Development Board, emphasized the organization's commitment to serving underprivileged communities in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). President Zafar Rashid Abbasi provided a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects and outlined future endeavors aimed at empowering orphaned children and widows.

Of notable discussion was the imminent initiation of construction for Aghosh Home Bagh, signaling a significant milestone in the organization's mission to provide a nurturing environment for vulnerable children. Aijaz Ullah Khan lauded the pivotal role played by Alkhidmat AJK in uplifting marginalized segments of society and expressed admiration for their tireless efforts.

The meeting underscored the collaborative efforts of Alkhidmat AJK in addressing the multifaceted needs of the region's underprivileged, reaffirming their dedication to fostering sustainable development and social welfare initiatives.

By Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

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