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Morocco's Earthquake Tragedy
  • Anas Khan
  • September 15, 2023
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Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan's Earthquake Relief Initiative for Morocco


The Catastrophe


On 8 September 2023, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 struck Morocco. The aftermath? A staggering death toll of over 2,000+ and more than 5,500+ injured. Cities crumbled, communities shattered, and an entire nation was plunged into chaos and grief.


The Grim Reality


The tremors may have subsided, but the aftershocks of pain, loss, and despair continue. Vulnerable children wander amidst ruins, yearning for safety. Parents, faced with the stark reality of their ravaged surroundings, desperately seek sustenance and shelter for their families. There's an overwhelming demand for food, clean water, shelter, hygiene kits, and immediate medical care.


Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan's Response


Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan isn't just a spectator to this tragedy. Collaborating closely with dependable partner organizations on the ground in Morocco, their teams are:


- Distributing essential relief items urgently.

- Constructing temporary shelters to house the displaced.

- Providing medical and psychological support to the traumatized.

- Spearheading efforts to rebuild and restore hope in the affected communities.


Your Role in This Restoration


Morocco's ordeal is our collective challenge. Every donation, every gesture of support is a beacon of hope. Your contribution will make a tangible difference in relief operations and long-term recovery efforts.




Morocco's heart and soul lie in its resilient people. This disaster has shaken them, but with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan's unwavering dedication, coupled with your generous support, they won't face it alone. Together, we can help rebuild and restore.Join Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan in standing shoulder to shoulder with Morocco. Your support can and will change lives.



By Anas Khan