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Alkhidmat Hosts Evening with Orphans to celebrate World Orphans Day in Islamabad

Alkhidmat Foundation marked World Orphans Day with a heartfelt commemoration ceremony titled "An Evening with Orphans" in Islamabad. The event, held to honor and uplift orphaned children, witnessed the presence of notable figures and a gathering of compassionate souls dedicated to the cause.

President Alkhidmat Islamabad, Hamid Athar, illuminated the occasion as the chief guest speaker, shedding light on the staggering reality that Pakistan is home to over 4.6 million orphaned children, a vast majority of whom are vulnerable. He passionately emphasized the collective societal responsibility to unite in nurturing and empowering these young souls, recognizing their inherent dignity and potential.

With Alkhidmat's steadfast commitment, the organization currently provides care and support to 29,603 orphans across Pakistan, including 27,766 at their homes and an additional 1,837 at Aghosh Homes. President Athar reiterated the urgent need for collective action, appealing to attendees to join hands in uplifting orphaned children, ensuring they receive the love, care, and opportunities they deserve.

The event culminated with a heartwarming gesture as gifts were distributed to the orphaned children, spreading joy and warmth amidst the gathering. An Iftar dinner provided a poignant conclusion, fostering a sense of community and solidarity among attendees, as they reflected on the importance of supporting orphaned children in their journey towards a brighter future.

The ceremony drew a diverse audience, including orphaned children and their relatives, philanthropists, civil society members, and dignitaries, all of whom lauded Alkhidmat's tireless efforts in uplifting orphaned children in Pakistan. Their resounding applause echoed a shared commitment to compassion and solidarity, reaffirming the collective resolve to continue supporting and empowering orphaned children across the nation.

By Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

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