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Alkhidmat HeadOffice Hosts Photography Workshop in Lahore

Alkhidmat Foundation organized an enriching Photography Workshop at its Head Office in Lahore, drawing an enthusiastic crowd of young photographers, students, volunteers, and dignitaries. Renowned photographer Gulraiz Ghouri led the session, offering valuable insights and guidance to attendees eager to explore the world of photography.

The workshop proved to be a hub of creativity and learning, as participants immersed themselves in the art and craft of photography under the expert guidance of Gulraiz Ghouri. His expertise inspired attendees to hone their skills and unleash their artistic potential, fostering a vibrant community passionate about capturing moments through the lens.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Alkhidmat Foundation's Executive Director, Khubaib Bilal, and Managing Director of Alkhidmat Global, Shahid Iqbal. Their support and encouragement further underscored the importance of initiatives that nurture talent and promote artistic expression within the community.

Alkhidmat Foundation remains committed to organizing such workshops and events that empower individuals and promote cultural enrichment. Through initiatives like the Photography Workshop, Alkhidmat continues to foster a spirit of creativity, learning, and collaboration among aspiring photographers and enthusiasts alike.

By Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

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