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Aghosh Homes: Orphans' Triumph in Grade 10
  • Anas Khan
  • August 4, 2023
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Alkhidmat Aghosh Homes: Championing Orphan Care Through Academic Excellence


Today's inspiring narrative highlights the exceptional triumph of Alkhidmat Aghosh Homes' 10th grade orphans in their examinations, a testament to Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan's dedication to providing quality orphan care and education.

Alkhidmat Aghosh Homes, a laudable initiative by Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, has rewritten the story of orphan care in Pakistan. More than just a home, this program is committed to offering its orphans a nurturing environment filled with opportunities for intellectual growth and holistic development.

The recent academic success of their 10th grade students has indeed shed light on the transformative power of quality education in orphan care. Achieving a hundred percent pass rate, these resilient scholars have demonstrated that with an undying quest for learning, even the most daunting life challenges cannot deter success.


Annual Results Class 10th
Names Marks Grade Board
hajra gul 958 Marks A+ B.I.S.E  Rawalpindi 
NAYAB BIBI 996 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Lahore
hazim ata 929 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Rawalpindi
Muhammad Baseet 1022 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Lahore
Abdullah Latif 1052 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Lahore
Shumail shakeel 1017 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Lahore
syed waris ali naqvi 994 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Rawalpindi
hamad ali naqvi 1028 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Rawalpindi
jawad khalil 1025 Marks A+ B.I.S.E Mirpur



These impressive results, however, go beyond mere statistics. Alkhidmat's orphan care program triumph lies in instilling in these students an unyielding determination to outperform and break societal norms. With some even surpassing their peers from privileged backgrounds, these students have shown that early life hardships cannot limit their potential.

Alkhidmat's approach to orphan care is unique in its emphasis on character building and comprehensive development. Aside from providing quality education, they focus on imparting life skills, instilling ethical values, and cultivating responsible citizens - all key aspects that set Alkhidmat's orphan care initiatives apart.

The story of Alkhidmat Aghosh Homes' success is a reminder of the immense potential within each child, regardless of their background. It is a testament to Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan's vision of providing every child a fair chance at a brighter future - a compelling model for orphan care that deserves global recognition.

As we celebrate their achievement, this tale also serves as a call for us to reimagine and reshape our approach to education for the less privileged. It encourages replication of such inclusive educational models in orphan care, both nationally and globally.

To conclude, the triumphant story of Alkhidmat Aghosh Homes' scholars underlines the truth that circumstances don't define destiny, but resilience, determination, and self-belief do.

This journey of success and transformation reiterates the impact of Alkhidmat's orphan care programs, reminding us of the saying, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."





By Anas Khan