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Clean Water

Pakistan is on its way to become a water deficient country as it already stands at 30th position among the most water-deficient countries of the world. Safe drinking water is one of Pakistan’s most immediate and crucial problems that demands earliest actions to be taken for its resolution.


Community Hand Pumps


Water Filtration Plants




Gravity Flow Schemes


Submersible Pumps


Solar Submersible Pumps



1461 Million PKR


Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is practically active to ensure the provision of clean drinking water by installing hand-pumps in arid lands, drilling water-wells in remote water-scarce areas, installing water-filtration plants in cities, and supplying water to homes in villages through its water schemes. Alkhidmat Clean Water Program takes every possible measure according to the needs of the water-scarce regions to implement its mission.

Clean Water Services

Small Hand Pump Small Hand Pump
PKR 35,000/-

Small Hand Pump

The Small Hand Pump is a conventional lever action hand pump. It is designed for serving communities of up to 200 persons. These handpumps are fully…

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Community Hand Pump Community Hand Pump
PKR 90,000/-

Community Hand Pump

The Afridev Pump is a conventional lever action hand pump. It is designed for heavy-duty use, serving communities of up to 300 persons. The Afridev…

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Water Well Water Well
PKR 160,000/-

Water Well

It is a traditional source of water in rural areas of Pakistan. Earth is excavated deep to fetch water. Digging is done through various techniques i…

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Gravity Flow Scheme Gravity Flow Scheme
PKR 400,000/-

Gravity Flow Scheme

The distribution of water is always troublesome in hilly and remote areas. To remedy the situation a reservoir of water is created mechanically and…

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Solar Submersible Pump Solar Submersible Pump
PKR 600,000/-

Solar Submersible Pump

Water pumping is generally dependent on conventional electricity. Solar pumping systems are environment friendly and require low maintenance with no…

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Submersible Water Pump Submersible Pump
PKR 160,000/-

Solar Submersible Pump

A submersible water pump operates beneath the earth's surface. Submersible Water Pump pushes water to the surface. Most submersible pumps are long …

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Water Filtration Plant Water Filtration Plant
PKR 2,000,000/-

Water Filtration Plant

Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and Gases from contaminated water. The…

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