Survival Between Hope & Harsh Winter

Survival Between Hope & Harsh Winter


While we are sitting on our warm sofas in heater-installed rooms drinking coffee, there are people who are forced to live under the open sky in this cold weather. Flood affectees, while fleeing their villages, towns didn't bring anything with them and even if they did, it was either destroyed during the efforts to fight the might of flood waters or it was not enough for them. Even those who were able to return to their villages found nothing but half destroyed houses, huge neighborhoods vanished. Alkhidmat tried its best to save the most important thing during the floods, Human life!

But the scale of the destruction was so huge that the supplies they provided at that time barely met their needs and now they are running out of supplies. Lack of supplies combined with the harshness of winter is very difficult even for the strongest of us, it is even more difficult for women, kids, elderly and sick. Many people are without proper water supply, food, shelter these are the most basic things required for human survival. We all know how Alkhidmat was fighting on the frontlines, the brave volunteers of Alkhidmat proved that Alkhidmat cares for Humanity!

People came forward and donated everything they could, people of Pakistan helped prevent a big humanitarian crises, but the effects of floods last for years. Farmers had their lands destroyed, people lost everything they had in the floods and they have nothing to survive even if they somehow find shelter.
Alkhidmat is now preparing to do a huge winter drive; providing shelter, warm clothes. Alkhidmat, with your support helped flood affectees survive, they need your support again to help. They are working on every front, from helping farmers in making their land farmable to helping the affectees rebuild their houses. This package costs 4500 PKR and it will help someone get some basic protection from the cold weather. It includes blankets, mattresses, and pillows. Let’s help those in need by contributing anything we can and make the affectees self-sufficient again!

By Abdullah Nizamani

Bio. These natural disasters do not come by looking at color, race, creed or religion but these disasters can happen anywhere at any time and can cause havoc.

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