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Sharing Eid with Muslims in Need


Alkhidmat Qurbani Campaign: Sharing of Eid with Muslims in Need




The sacrifice of animals on Eid-ul-Adha holds deep significance, extending beyond a mere festival. It symbolizes the unity and connection among Muslims, reminding us of the spirit of sacrifice ingrained within us. By carrying out this act, we honor the great sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and demonstrate our submission to Almighty Allah. However, as we relish our delicious meals during this auspicious occasion, it is essential to reflect upon the plight of our fellow Muslims who are suffering and deprived of such celebrations.


The Plight of Muslims in Need


While we rejoice with our loved ones, countless Muslim brothers, sisters, and children across the globe endure hunger, tears, and grief, even on the day of Eid. They lack the means to partake in the festivities, and the absence of meat exacerbates their hardship. Empathy calls us to extend a helping hand to alleviate their pain and contribute to their well-being.


Introducing Al-Khidmat Foundation


Alkhidmat Foundation emerges as a beacon of hope and a comprehensive solution to address this pressing issue. Recognized for its unwavering dedication, this highly authentic organization extends assistance to those in need, regardless of their state, caste, or creed. From providing aid during natural disasters like floods and earthquakes to addressing starvation in war-torn regions like Syria, and supporting the oppressed in Palestine, Alkhidmat remains at the forefront, fearlessly serving humanity.


Verifying Credibility


When considering charitable organizations, credibility is of utmost importance. It is crucial to ensure that your contributions reach the intended beneficiaries and make a meaningful impact. Alkhidmat Foundation's credibility and trustworthiness are well-established. To verify their credibility, visit the Alkhidmat Foundation website and explore their remarkable history of affection and dedicated service to humanity.


How You Can Make a Difference


Imagine the joy and gratitude your contribution can bring to a Muslim brother in Syria or Palestine, or to a Muslim child in an orphanage, as they have your Qurbani meat on their table during Eid. By participating in Alkhidmat's Qurbani Campaign, you can share the happiness of Eid and make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.


Step-by-Step Guide to Contributing


To be a part of this noble cause, follow these simple steps:


Visit the Alkhidmat Foundation website at Qurabi Fi Sabilillah

Explore the Qurbani Campaign section to understand how your contribution will help those in need.

Select a donation amount that aligns with your generosity and capacity to give.

Follow the provided instructions to complete the donation process securely.

Share the campaign with your friends, family, and social networks to encourage their involvement and amplify the impact.




Eid-ul-Adha is an occasion of reflection, gratitude, and compassion. By supporting Alkhidmat Foundation's Qurbani Campaign, you can fulfill the true spirit of sacrifice and extend a helping hand to our fellow Muslims who are in desperate need. Be the reason behind someone's smile, quench the thirst of others, and feed the starving. Together, let us embody the essence of Eid and spread love, joy, and blessings to every corner of the world.


May the peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon you as you embark on this noble journey of serving humanity.

By Faiza Khalil

Bio. As of now, 50,720 volunteers are engaged and are working tirelessly for their countrymen and coming to the statistics, Alkhidmat has conducted 502 medical camps, delivered 47,934 tents and tarpaulins, and set up 17 Temporary Learning Centers(TLC) in flood affected areas.

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