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Farmer's Rehabilitation Under Tameer e Wattan Program


Heavy rainfall earlier this year in the provinces of Balochistan and Sindh caused mass flooding in August which led to a natural catastrophe. Millions of people found themselves homeless and helpless, and in darkness. During this time, Alkhidmat foundation by the will of God became their hope. Construction, food and water provision, medical facilities provision campaigns were launched.

The nonprofit organization continues its work even after many months to make sure to help. One of its most recent campaigns has been the Tameer e Watan program which includes the farmer rehabilitation project. The floods have devastated the farmers in these provinces as their crops and lands were destroyed by the disaster.

Through this difficult time for them, Alkhidmat foundation has provided maximum assistance. These activities include the provision of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and crop medicines in different cities and districts. For instance, fifty farmers in Quetta were provided with these, Aftab Ahmed was given help with his five acre of land crops that swept away in front of his eyes. In Qila Saifullah, 100 flood effected farmers were provided with seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

In Pishin and Dera Ghazi Khan agricultural products were provided to a hundred farmers. Furthermore, seeds worth 10 million rs, pesticides and fertilizers were distributed in Badin, Sindh. Another 10 million rs worth of the inputs were distributed in district tando mohammad khan.. Moreover, 50 farmers in Panjpur Balochistan were given assistance. 25m rs worth of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides were distributed in Umerkot, Sindh and 15 million rs worth of the inputs were distributed Thatta.

According to the statistics, 5863 flood affected have been provided by the Alkhidmat foundation due to the countless donations from generous people all over the country. Thus, continue to donate to the foundation through the website because none of it is wasted or is in vain, because the organisation makes sure that all the donations are always used to help the ones suffering.

By Zainab Inam

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