Disaster Management
Emergency Health Services by Alkhidmat

Emergency Health Services by Alkhidmat during Flood-2022

Through consistent efforts and generous donations that have been amassed, AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan has been able to provide rescue and relief efforts to flood affected areas of Sindh, Balochistan and South Punjab. 

Till date, 62,809 volunteers are contributing their time and effort into making sure that the victims of these devastating floods do not go to sleep at night without necessary meals, medicines and mental satisfaction.

69 tent villages have been set up that are providing basic emergency health services such as routine check-ups to reduce the burden of infectious diseases caused by standing flood waters. 

Through these services, more than 339521 patients have been provided proper medical care and treatment. These tent villages also have temporary learning centers set up to make sure that the education of children who are residing in these villages does not go to waste. 

The volunteers of AlKhidmat Foundation have been able to successfully rescue more than 56,220 people who have been displaced by the natural disaster, and provide them medical aid and warm, cooked meals for their health and nutritional well-being. One of the major concerns in any flood disaster is the unavailability of safe drinking water and the lack of hygiene. 

AlKhidmat’s team is working tirelessly to provide not only hygiene kits to the flood affectees, but also are providing a supply of clean drinking water to at least 229,287people a day through mobile help units in areas that are difficult to access otherwise. All these efforts continue to be made possible with the help of determined volunteers and the generous donations received from the public.


By Sarah Jafrani

Bio. Do you know the organization which helped more than 55,000 people in recent flood catastrophein Pakistan?

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