Press Conference
Alkhidmat Foundation's Milestones as Reaching Millions by 2023

The Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan raised 21.49 billion rupees to support 20.5 million individuals across the country in 2023, marking a number of noteworthy accomplishments. The organization was able to improve its influence and reach new areas in many different sectors thanks to this enormous support.

Alkhidmat kept up its prompt response to natural disasters, offering impacted populations support and help in a timely manner. They also strengthened their healthcare programs by setting up new healthcare facilities and providing free medical camps in order to meet the requirements of marginalized communities.

With an emphasis on scholarships, building new schools, and educational support services, the Foundation continued to be dedicated to empowering people via education. Their WASH programs simultaneously sought to raise hygiene awareness for better health outcomes and expand access to clean water and sanitation.
For orphaned and abandoned children, Alkhidmat's Orphan Care Program and Aghosh Homes offered vital care and educational opportunities.

Through interest-free loans and career training, its Mawakhat initiative continued to elevate neglected people. Communities all around Pakistan were strengthened by a variety of community service projects that addressed a range of needs, such as food distribution and vocational training.

Alkhidmat established the Bano Qabil Free IT Program after realizing the value of IT education in the current digital era. The initiative, which was first introduced in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, will shortly extend to Peshawar.

This program seeks to give young people access to free IT training so they can grow economically and acquire new skills that will open doors to new opportunities.

Millions of people in Pakistan experienced hope and good change in 2023 as a result of the Alkhidmat Foundation's persistent commitment to service and expansion activities.

The Foundation's dedication to helping humanity and creating a better future for all people does not waver as they develop and broaden their activities.

By Muhammad Kashif