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Alkhidmat: 2023 In Review


In the month of January, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan embarked on a distinctive humanitarian journey through its unwavering commitment to the Tameer-e-Watan Program. Despite the challenges posed by flood-affected regions across Pakistan, Alkhidmat's relentless efforts stood out as it tirelessly rehabilitated thousands of affected families. The program extended beyond conventional aid, focusing on the comprehensive reconstruction of flood-damaged houses, schools, and Masajid. In a testament to its holistic approach, Alkhidmat not only restored physical structures but also played a pivotal role in sponsoring orphans within these distressed areas. This unique blend of reconstruction and social support showcased the foundation's dedication to making a lasting impact on the lives of those grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters in Pakistan.



In the month of February, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan undertook remarkable and vital humanitarian initiatives as its 47-member search and rescue team from the Disaster Management division swiftly responded to the urgent needs of flood-affected areas in Turkiye-Syria. In an extraordinary display of courage and compassion, the team conducted extensive rescue and relief activities, saving thousands of affected families from the devastating impact of the floods. Alkhidmat's commitment extended beyond rescue efforts, as they also played a crucial role in distributing relief aid to the victims, providing essential resources and support during the challenging aftermath of the natural disaster. 




In the month of March, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan embarked on a distinctive and compassionate journey, marking the Holy month of Ramadan with a massive campaign entitled "Bring Smiles Back زندگی کو پھر سے مسکرانا ہے." This initiative aimed not only to restore the lives of flood-affected families across Pakistan but also included comprehensive support for orphans, farmers, and clean water projects. Alkhidmat's commitment to holistic development and upliftment shone through in this multifaceted campaign. Notably, the foundation received a significant endorsement from the renowned Pakistani journalist and talk show host, Saleem Safi, who recognized and lauded the impactful humanitarian services provided by Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan. This unique blend of comprehensive support and esteemed acknowledgment underscores Alkhidmat's dedication to bringing hope and happiness to those in need during the sacred month of Ramadan.




In the month of April, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan received a remarkable honor and recognition for its exceptional humanitarian relief work in quake-hit areas of Turkiye. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan bestowed the State Medal of Supreme Sacrifice of the Republic of Türkiye upon Alkhidmat, acknowledging their indispensable role in rescue work and humanitarian efforts following a powerful earthquake that struck Türkiye on February 6. This prestigious recognition highlights Alkhidmat's dedication and effectiveness in providing crucial assistance during times of crisis. Ikram ul Haq Subhani, who led Alkhidmat's efforts, played a pivotal role in earning this esteemed accolade, further emphasizing the foundation's commitment to making a significant impact in the aftermath of disasters and contributing to the well-being of affected communities.



In the month of May, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan initiated a transformative endeavor by launching a one million tree plantation drive for a smog-free Lahore. This visionary campaign aimed not only at combating environmental challenges but also at fostering a sustainable and climate-change resilient city. Alkhidmat's unique approach went beyond tree planting, emphasizing the significance of community engagement and raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. By spearheading this initiative, the Alkhidmat demonstrated a commitment to creating a lasting impact on the well-being of Lahore, addressing the critical issue of smog through a comprehensive strategy that integrates community involvement and environmental awareness. This forward-thinking project aligns with Alkhidmat's dedication to holistic development and its role as a catalyst for positive change in the community.



In the month of June, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan undertook impactful and diverse initiatives to address the multifaceted needs of vulnerable populations. The inauguration of Aghosh Alkhidmat Waziristan marked a significant milestone, reflecting the Alkhidmat’s commitment to orphaned children by providing comprehensive support in education, health, and nutrition aligned with international standards. Responding swiftly to natural disasters, Alkhidmat established relief camps to provide rescue and relief activities in the aftermath of Cyclone Biparjoy, showcasing their agility in responding to emergencies. 



In July, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian service by swiftly responding to a crisis triggered by the overflow of the Chenab River, resulting in floods across various areas in Punjab. Alkhidmat Disaster Management engaged in dedicated rescue and relief activities, mobilizing resources and personnel to provide timely assistance to those affected by the natural disaster. Alkhidmat's proactive approach in the face of adversity showcased its agility and responsiveness, as the volunteers worked tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of communities grappling with the aftermath of the flooding. This timely and targeted intervention during the challenging month of July highlighted Alkhidmat Foundation's dedication to providing crucial aid during emergencies, contributing significantly to the well-being and recovery of the affected population in Punjab.




In the month of August, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan undertook distinctive initiatives, exemplifying its commitment to humanitarian causes and disaster response. Alkhidmat announced the reconstruction of burnt houses belonging to Christian families in Jaranwala, Faisalabad, following a tragic incident. Additionally, Alkhidmat actively participated as a partner in the first-ever exhibition organized by NDMA, the Pakistan Expo on Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR-23). Through this involvement, Alkhidmat aimed to raise awareness and minimize the risk of disasters in Pakistan, showcasing its expertise and commitment to disaster management. Moreover, Alkhidmat continued its impactful humanitarian work by carrying out rescue and relief operations in the aftermath of a tragic train accident in Nawabshah, Sindh, further demonstrating its versatility in responding to diverse emergencies and contributing to the well-being of affected communities.



In September, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan engaged in strategic and forward-thinking endeavors to strengthen its organizational structure and community outreach. The month commenced with the highest-level decision-making body, the General Council, convening for a crucial meeting to deliberate and carry out the essential functions of Alkhidmat Foundation. This demonstrated Alkhidmat's commitment to transparent governance and effective decision-making processes. In a groundbreaking move towards community engagement, Alkhidmat launched a Volunteer Management System, leveraging digital technology to enhance the number of volunteers to an ambitious target of 1 million. This innovative system reflected Alkhidmat's adaptability and forward-looking approach to mobilizing a substantial volunteer force, ensuring a broader impact on its humanitarian initiatives and emphasizing the organization's commitment to serving humanity through modern, efficient means.



In the month of October, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan showcased its global commitment to humanitarian efforts by responding swiftly to the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Collaborating with international partners, Alkhidmat delivered comprehensive relief aid, encompassing hot meals, food packs, medicine, and fresh vegetables, addressing the immediate needs of those affected. Simultaneously, Alkhidmat expanded its impact by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the World Health Organization (WHO), solidifying its commitment to primary healthcare services, maternal and child health (MCH), and child nutrition in Pakistan. Furthermore, Alkhidmat established a relief camp dedicated to Afghan refugees, offering essential aid and relief supplies to families, women, and children. This multifaceted approach in October illustrated Alkhidmat's dedication to addressing global crises while simultaneously focusing on strengthening healthcare services and providing vital support to displaced communities both within and beyond Pakistan's borders.



In the month of November, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan took a distinctive step in engaging with the public and fostering awareness by having President Alkhidmat, Prof. Dr. Hafeez ur Rahman, as a guest on the Syed Muzammal Hussain Podcast. During this podcast appearance, President Alkhidmat not only discussed the ongoing relief activities in Gaza but also shared the incredible work undertaken by Alkhidmat Foundation in the aftermath of the floods in 2022. Alkhidmat and the World Health Organization (WHO) joined hands to combat the effects of tobacco in Pakistan through launching smoke-free premises.




In the month of December, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan demonstrated its commitment to youth empowerment and societal development through the organization of Alkhidmat Youth Gathering 8.0. This impactful event served as a platform that brought together thousands of young individuals, fostering an environment conducive to acquiring modern knowledge and awareness. The gathering aimed at instilling a sense of social and national responsibility among the youth, urging them to unite against prevalent challenges such as poverty, hunger, humanitarian crises, and climate change. By providing a space for dialogue, education, and collaboration, Alkhidmat Foundation not only empowered the younger generation but also encouraged their active participation in addressing pressing issues for the betterment of society. This unique initiative in December showcased Alkhidmat's dedication to holistic development and its recognition of the vital role that informed and engaged youth play in shaping a brighter future.

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