Procurement Detail

Laptops Required


Please provide Quotation including all taxes for the following item on a priority basis. Due to some technical issues, specifications have been revised and final for further working.

Sr. Category Description Quantity 
1 Laptop


Cis, 11th Generation

12 GB RAM (4GB Ram Bulitin+8GB Ram Additional), 256NVMe not SSD

15.6inch DOS

International and Local Warranty (rates quote with both)



Quotations will be considered:

  • Receive via emails as directed in this message
  • On company official letter head
  • Active Tax payers in both (STR+NTN registered)
  • Including price with all taxes (GST+With holding Tax)
  • Quotations will be considered as
  • Receive within the given time period
  • AKFP relevant team has right to reject/revise quotations at any time, if found any mis-representation or not as per technical requirement.

Furthermore, information feels free to contact on 04235957260/Ext-328 (WhatsApp 0333-4295846)