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Alkhidmat Foundation Prisoner Welfare Program

Overview: Alkhidmat Foundation's Prisoner Welfare Program is dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of incarcerated individuals back into society. Recognizing the potential within each person, the program focuses on providing opportunities for a fresh start.




  1. Rehabilitation Initiatives: Vocational training and skill development courses prepare prisoners for life post-release.
  2. Legal Assistance: Offering legal guidance for those without resources ensures rights are upheld.
  3. Family Support: Alkhidmat supports the families of prisoners, understanding the wider societal impacts of incarceration.
  4. Post-release Integration: Guidance, support, and potential job placements are provided to aid smooth transitions back into the community

Our Vision: Alkhidmat believes in a society where everyone deserves a chance at redemption and a positive future. With the Prisoner Welfare Program, we aim to be a bridge to that future, emphasizing rehabilitation and societal contribution. Join us in making this vision a reality.