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Alkhidmat's Water Filtration Plants seamlessly blend advanced purification technology with community-centric solutions. Expertly eliminating impurities and pathogens, our facilities are optimized for cost-efficiency and diverse filtration demands. Perfectly suited for areas with superior water conditions, Alkhidmat ensures pristine water in every pour.


Alkhidmat WASH Program is one of the seven crucial areas of service provided by Alkhidmat Foundation for the betterment of humanity. We are committed to ensuring clean water accessible to all as well as showing communities the important links between clean water, health, sanitation and good hygiene practices. For this, we are also working with partners, civil society, government stakeholders and the media to spread these messages as widely as possible. The Alkhidmat WASH Program has funded more than 17 thousands projects in six Provinces of Pakistan to help more than 6 million people get access to water, hygiene education and improved sanitation.


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Water Filteration Plant in Floods
Water Filtration Plant
Water Filtration Plant


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