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In many remote areas of Pakistan, open water reservoirs expose communities to contamination and pollution risks. These vulnerable locales, often rural, become hotspots for waterborne diseases. Alkhidmat's Community Hand Pumps address this challenge, offering a protective solution where resources and awareness are limited. Together, we can secure safer water sources.


Alkhidmat WASH Program is one of the seven crucial areas of service provided by Alkhidmat Foundation for the betterment of humanity. We are committed to ensuring clean water accessible to all as well as showing communities the important links between clean water, health, sanitation and good hygiene practices. For this, we are also working with partners, civil society, government stakeholders and the media to spread these messages as widely as possible. The Alkhidmat WASH Program has funded more than 17 thousands projects in six Provinces of Pakistan to help more than 6 million people get access to water, hygiene education and improved sanitation.

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Community Hand Pump
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Why are Community Hand Pumps necessary?
Where has Alkhidmat installed these Community Hand Pumps?
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How does a Community Hand Pump ensure cleaner water compared to open reservoirs?
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