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Interest Free Loan

Unfortunately, Pakistan happens to be a developing country where a vast percentage of population is living a life below the poverty line and the public sector, as well as the private sector, is unable to provide a stable source of income for the people. In such an alarming condition, small businesses provide an effective alternative to the public for earning their livelihood. However, the provision of initial investment always remains a problem for the people of underprivileged background to start a new small business.  Also, despite their continuous struggle and efforts, the owners of these small businesses always find themselves struggling to further expand their businesses.

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Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, through its Mawakhat program, offers Interest-free Loans to the poor and needy people to help them start their own business. Needy people are given entrepreneurial opportunities by providing them the seed money to start their own business. This Interest-free loan helps them in earning their livelihood in a respectful manner with the ease to repay this loan with an easy installment plan.

The selection of beneficiaries of the interest-free loans is undertaken through a completely transparent system depending on the availability of funds. The monitoring body of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan regularly arranges meeting to supervise the distribution of these loans as well as their recoveries as agreed with beneficiaries.