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Clinics / Dispensaries

Alkhidmat has established 81 Clinics / Dispensaries throughout the country to provide Basic and quality health services to the people on the subsidized cost. Most of the people cannot afford the doctor’s fee and have no money to buy medicine due to poor financial condition.

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Due to lack of early treatment, often they fall victim to epidemics and other fatal diseases. In the absence of Healthcare facilities in backward areas, rural people tend to visit the nearest towns for their Healthcare needs. Since the visit to a doctor in town has financial implications for the people in terms of transportation and consulting costs so the people tend to use this as a last resort. This usually means that they either tend to go for self-medication or they approach a doctor at a later stage. Establishment of Dispensary will be no less than a blessing for local people. In Pakistan, the health sector has been badly neglected and the policymakers have shown a callous lack of concern for educating the people and providing them with health care. No wonder, the quality of life of the people has remained low and the nation has not been able to achieve higher levels of economic progress due to underdeveloped human resources.