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Orphans Appeal 2019

Orphans Care Program Orphans are the innocent souls who suffer the most on the earth. In such condition if someone comes forward to help them, it can reduce the intensity of their peril. According to United Nations, there are more than 4.6 million orphan children in Pakistan and majority of this population is below the

Aghosh College Murree

Our Cause Appeal

Centre of Excellence Aghosh College Murree Aghosh Alkhidmat Murree is a unique and largest orphanage among the network of Aghosh Homes spread across the country, where talented orphan children from all over Pakistan will be provided with the best residential, educational and recreational facilities. The orphan students will be assisted through modern career counselling techniques

Appeal For Tharparker

Alkhidmat Hospital Tharparkar The Tharparkar district in the Sindh province of Pakistan has once again been facing a drought – like situation. The severe lack of food, water, and medical facilities has been taking people’s lives. The children and women are the most vulnerable. Malnourishment or medical problems associated with it will increase the number