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Scores of casualties reported as earthquake hits Azad Jammu & Kashmir on Tuesday.

At least 38 casualties have been reported and more than 500 injured after magnitude 5.8 earthquake
hits 22km North of Jhelum, jolting Mirpur in AJK

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According to National Disaster Management Authority, 38 people have been pronounced and more than 500 others were injured in earthquake-related incidents. Serious damages have also been caused to public infrastructure; such as bridges, roads, electricity supply lines and schools; and public properties. Most of the losses occurred in Mirpur, Afzalpur, and Bhimber, while other affected areas included Islamgarh, Mangla and Jhelum. Munda Bridge, which serves as main connection between Bhimber and Mirpur, and Jatlan Canal road were also seriously damaged causing troubles for rescuers to reach the affected areas. A large number of survivors have been relocated to the relief camps after the destruction of the houses. Large cracks can also been seen in the walls of the many houses that still stand in Mirpur.


Gross loss is still being estimated after the earthquake hit the area. Residents spent their night under the open sky as frequent aftershocks left people under great fear. Initially the loss of 25 precious lives, severe damage to mosques, houses, shops and other constructions were reported. Damage to the infrastructure including roads, electricity and others while missing animals have also been reported.


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Following the earthquake, the volunteers of AKFP immediately kicked off the rescue operation in Mirpur with six ambulances and first-aid equipment. Afterwards, 12 more ambulances and a team of well-trained rescuers also reached the affected areas. Currently, AKFP has established a camp office in Mirpur and AKFP President Abdus Shakoor has also reached there to supervise the rescue and relief operation. So far, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has distributed 500 tarpaulins, 50 tents, 250 packages of dry food items and a huge cache of medicines among the affected people. Cooked food is also being served among the families while Medical Camps are also being established in remote areas especially.

Earthquake Glimps

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Emergency support required for the affected area:

Food Package 4,000
Medicine 5,000
Shelter Tents 15,000