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Appeal For Tharparker

Alkhidmat Hospital Tharparkar

The Tharparkar district in the Sindh province of Pakistan has once again been facing a drought – like situation. The severe lack of food, water, and medical facilities has been taking people’s lives. The children and women are the most vulnerable. Malnourishment or medical problems associated with it will increase the number of death in the coming days. Preemptive measures must be taken to mitigate losses. The people in Tharparkar are fighting for their lives and we must act now to save them. Most vulnerable people, including the sick, elderly, children, and nursing women, face greater health dangers while they wait for basic assistance. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan appeals you to come forth and save lives in Tharparkar before things go out of hand.

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Tharparkar is spread over 22,000 square kilometres with a population of about 1.5 million residing in 2,300 villages and urban settlements. Divided into six talukas — Mithi, Islamkot, Chachro, Dihly, Diplo and Nagarparkar — the area often receives varying levels of rainfall or none at all.

Last year, Nagarparkar taluka received plentiful rain. Crops have been cultivated in over 336,000 acres and are adequate to sustain an average tehsil population of about 212,000.

“Save Mother, Save Generation.”