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Appeal For Orphans

With debt, defense and general administration consuming more than 80% of the government revenues, there is very little left for social development and social services do not really exist in Pakistan. More than 40% of population lives below the poverty line. Like many countries in this condition, the children suffer the most!


Many of the orphans are children of Nomads and Kiln Workers. They live in tents and huts beside roads and there are many of them! The parents and children are often slaves to their masters in the Kilns and they suffer from many diseases and overall poor health. Some have even sold a kidney in a desperate effort to feed their family. There is little or no education for the children and due to their poor social status in the community, when the children lose their parents, there is no one there to care for them! They dig through the trash to survive! They sell themselves into slavery just for a meal!

Give Your Zakat

Situation of Orphans in Pakistan is not so different in comparison to other developing countries on the globe. Condition in Pakistan is equally alarming as to its neighbors but being an Islamic country our society is more aware of the rights of orphans. Here many civil society organizations have taken responsibility to provide facility but these facilities depict the sense of feeling sorry for them. Orphans are rather treated like poor, deprived, destitute and disadvantaged where they lose their dignity and self-confidence.


Orphans belong to the most vulnerable group of our society especially from deprived and economically disadvantaged areas of Pakistan. A huge number of orphans: 4.2 million to be exact reside in our country and more than half of them are deprived of their basic rights. Imagine the plight of so many little souls without the loving attention of a mother or the protective care of a father and sometimes both.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has developed a well-connected network that helps us to reach such vulnerable orphans before they get trapped by any non-human factor of the society. Our volunteers’ network remains active throughout the year for the noble cause of finding and securing children with no family support.


Transforming the abandoned orphan children into an asset of the society and humanity at large.


Providing the orphans with a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment and quality education and transforming them into future leaders.


Your support is the best way to help us ensuring a shining and prosperous future for these children. We provide them with best possible facilities and it all becomes possible just because of your donations for the cause of Orphans. This Ramadan, lets resolve to give a brighter future to the orphans. Donate your Zakat, Atyaat and Khairaat for those who deserve for it the most!

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