Appeal For Orphans – Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Appeal For Orphans

What is Alkhidmat Orphan Care Program?

Alkhidmat Foundation is running Pakistan’s largest orphan support program aiming to provide an opportunity for orphan children to survive and thrive. We are endeavoring to integrate these vulnerable children back into the community and empowering them with better educational facilities. Unfortunately, owing to extreme poverty, neglect, and abuse, many children in our country are forced to leave their homes to live on the streets or forced into child labor.



Why Us

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is giving hope to orphan children whose father is no more in this world.  All across the country, we have established Aghosh Homes in which orphan children are being provided with food, shelter, clothing, and schooling. Our aim is to give these orphanages extra support so they can become good Muslims, responsible citizens, independent and self-sufficient.

Through commitment and dedication, we are contributing immensely to the quality education of these children and support and care for their families.

Appeal for Orphans

Most of the orphans we support are poorly resourced, understaffed, and are facing lots of psychological problems. The orphan children need extra pairs of hands to help with the day-to-day running of the program.

We urgently need your support in maintaining our aim and providing further opportunities for our supported children at home.

Your attention and love for orphan children will in the long run make a real difference in the life of a vulnerable child. Whether you have a background in childcare or simply enjoy sharing love with kids, a smile can offer something meaningful to the life of kids deprived of love and care.