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Child Character Development Workshop

Child Character Development

The team of Social Action Projects visited #Alkhidmat Child Protection Center, Sabzazar, Lahore where they celebrated Colors Day with the street children being provided basic education and rehabilitation at the center. They also organized a number of other activities related to the moral character building of the children.

Implementation of Clean Water Project

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Sindh chapter has implemented another Clean Drinking Water Project (Submersible Water Pump) at Village Rohelo, District Tharparkar. Around 28 families are expected to benefit from the project.

He is still a Highlander in spirit

Three generations of the Hanes family waved Irish flags and were outfitted in green hats, scarves and sweatshirts. Cliff Hanes, 61, attended Hough School but now lives in Bend, Ore. He and his wife, Mary, were in town visiting their daughter, Lacey Ogle, who watched her son, Liam Ogle, 3, devouring an ice cream

He is an announcer for the YES network

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Marcus, known as an arbiter of Santa Fe style, loved them so

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