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Peshawar Dir Colony Balast

Peshawar Dir Colony Blast

The rescue teams of Alkhidmat Foundation are actively engaged in performing relief activities at the madrasa in Peshawar where a severe explosion occurred claiming at least seven precious lives and injuring more than 72 persons. The blast took place when the students were busy practicing their regular activities of learning. Alkhidmat’s ambulances reached the spot

Relief Activity at Karachi’s Muskan Chorangi

Alkhidmat Relief Activity Amid Karachi Blast

Alkhidmat Foundation Karachi chapter along with other organizations actively carrying out the relief work at the site of the explosion that took place in Karachi’s Muskan Chorangi. Alkhidmat’s volunteers delivered water and food supplies to the Police, Traffic Police, Rangers, SBCA, and other civilians.

Free Medical in Tando Jan Muhammad, Sindh

Free Medical In Tando Jan Muhammad Sindh

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan chapter Sindh arranged a free medical camp for the needy people in Tando Jan Muhammad, Sindh. A team of expert doctors and paramedical staff performed duties at the camp where as many as 400 patients benefited from the healthcare facilities.

Free Medical in Sanghar Sindh

Free MedicalIn Sanghar Sindh

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Sindh chapter arranged a free medical camp for the heavy rain and flood effected needy people in Sanghar, Sindh. A team of expert doctors and paramedical staff including specialist doctors performed duties at the camp where people benefited from the healthcare facilities. On the occasion, all patients received general medical treatment and

Food Package Distribution for Flood Affected

Food Package Distribution

Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh distributed cooked food, dried ration, and other daily-use things among the flood affected people of Jamshoru. Volunteers of Alkhidmat Foundation reached door to door to deliver these things to the poor and needy people of the district.

Free Medical Camp for Flood Affected

Free Medical Camp

Alkhidmat Karachi and Alkhidmat Central Punjab arranged a medical camp for the rain affected population in Karachi. Poor and needy people were medically examined by the team of medical experts and paramedic staff. Free medicine was given to the deserving.

Anti-Dengue and Anti-Malaria Spray

anti-dengue and anti-malaria spray

Streets of Karachi have been clogged due to the undrained rain water and garbage. This standing water is fuming the air and there is a serious threat of Dengue and Malaria outbreak in the city. Volunteers of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are now doing anti-dengue and anti-malaria spray in these areas.

Marble Mines Rescue Operation

Marble Mins Rescue Operation

Dozens of mineworkers killed as marble mine collapsed in Mohmand Agency. Majority of the deceased include laborers and few others who had gathered at the foothill in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Safi town near the Afghanistan border, about 85 km from provincial capital Peshawar. Team of Alkhidmat volunteers reached at the incident and started rescue operation. Injured