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Relishing Who Work For Pakistan In Event

Relishing Those Who Work For Pakistan

President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Muhammad Abdus Shakoor gave a reception to Mr. Syed Aamir Mahmood, Executive Director of Ghazali Education Trust and Mr. Tahir Javed, a Pakistani-born-American businessman, and philanthropist. These two individuals have recently been awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz for their contributions in the respective fields. With an open heart and a greater sense of humanity and hospitality, President Abdus Shakoor through the platform of Alkhidmat continuously appreciates the people who think and work for the benefit of Pakistan. By doing so, he wishes to connect these people with the greater cause of service to humanity.
We are grateful to Mr. Tahir Javed and Mr. Aamir Mahmood for accepting our invitation and gracing today’s event. As a matter of fact, relentlessly pursuing performance excellence through shared goals, vision, mission, leadership, collaboration, open communication, accountability and role-playing for sure can change the lives of vulnerable communities. And for this purpose, we need many more competent people.