President’s Message – Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

President's Message

Muhammad Abdus Shakoor President Message

Muhammad Abdus Shakoor

President AKFP

This year we marked 30 years of serving humanity. We began our journey with very meagre resources and from a handful of volunteers, but we were fully inspired by the Islamic faith that guided us on the right path, a path that leads to soul satisfaction, a path that was taken by all Prophets of God, and a path that makes us feel that what we do is impacting millions of lives both nationwide and around the globe.

What Alkhidmat Foundation achieved over the past 30 years is inspiring. It besides offering us an insight into our endeavours, holds us accountable and makes us ready for the upcoming challenges and that how critically demanding our work will be in an increasingly disordered world.

We pay thanks to all those who stood side by side with us along this journey and are continuously offering their unconditional support. Most importantly, we are grateful to Allah Almighty for choosing us for this noble cause of serving humanity.

Throughout 2020, we reached for the support of millions of families and distressed people at a time when they were in the dire need of humanitarian assistance. We reached when the nation was forced into unprecedented lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached during natural disasters, and we reached during manmade crises, during hours of darkness, during hopelessness, during war and conflict. We embarked upon approaches to enhance sustainable human development and to raise the morale of the needy and deprived classes of society. We increased the intrinsic value of every member of society-all in an increasingly integrated world. These and many other significant developments have been covered in the report.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still a pressing threat as crisis continue flaring up in every country of the world, Alkhidmat Foundation besides rendering its services in this area is endlessly moving forward to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals with more investment in its long-term projects such as education, orphan care program and community service.

Let us hope tomorrow will be better than today!