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Aghosh College Murree

Aghosh Alkhidmat Murree is an excellent effort to cater all needs of its boarding orphans students according to international standards. Aghosh Murree is located on main Murree Expressway about 35-Km from Islamabad whereas there is a moderate temperature and a great attraction for the tourists. Children at this center will enjoy the beauty of natural scenery along with healthy environment and pollution-free atmosphere.

The hostel block 1 has been completed while the academic block consisting classrooms, science and computer labs, administration office, conference room and others, is under construction. Once the orphanage becomes fully operation it will have a capacity to host 250 students. Currently, its residential block can facilitate 87 students and as many as 64 orphan children are residing there.

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Alkhidmat Aghosh College Murree