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Inaugural Ceremony of Passive Immunization by Alkhidmat In Event,Health

Inaugural Ceremony of Passive Immunization by Alkhidmat

Taking lead in treatment of COVID-19 patients in Pakistan, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan formally started Blood Plasma Donation service to introduce passive immunity against coronavirus. The service has initially been made available in Lahore in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Blood Diseases and the critical patients of coronavirus will be treated on priority basis. In order to launch this service, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan arranged a special ceremony titled “Passive Immunization Service” at Alkhidmat Complex, Lahore. Leading immunization experts and diagnostic workers were present on the occasion.

Addressing the audience, Chairman National Institute of Blood Diseases Prof. Dr. Tahir Shamsi said that there is no formal treatment of COVID-19 and that blood plasma therapy is a tried and tested method to treat such diseases. Plasma therapy enables the medics to extract plasma from the blood of the people recovered from coronavirus and transfuse it into the body of critically-ill patients to provide them passive immunity to fight this deadly virus, he explained.

Chairman Alkhidmat Corona Task Force Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman informed the participants that ALkhidmat COVID-19 Lab has been established in Lahore and it has already started provided standardized testing facilities to public at very minimal prices. Thousands have people have already benefited from this newly established lab, he said. He further added that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has the data of the people who have successfully defeated COVID-19 and that it will approach these people to donate their blood plasma for other coronavirus patients. AKFP will also be engaging media platforms and renowned personalities to transform these efforts into a countrywide campaign, he stated.

Initially, this service will be available at Alkhidmat COVID-19 Lab established in Lahore and it will be expanded to other cities such as Karachi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad as soon as the Alkhidmat COVID-19 Labs start their operations in these cities. These labs are currently in the final phase of establishment.

AKFP Senior Vice President Syed Ihsan Ullah Waqas noted that Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and its volunteers have been playing a crucial role in fight against coronavirus in Pakistan. I congratulate every worker and volunteer of AKFP for this humanitarian service, he said. He urged on expansion of capabilities to fight the pandemics like coronavirus to secure the future of humanity.

National Director Dr. Muhammad Afzal, AKFP Central Punjab chapter President Ikram Subhani, AKFP Lahore chapter President Abdul Aziz Abid, Assistant Prof. Dr. Asif Naveed and other officials were also present on the occasion.

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