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"I hope my insatiable appetite for the curious

But it was a different piece of clothing not the Nike shirt that linked the Winter Haven resident to the slaying of a homeless man. Ginn, 40, was found with a pair of jeans splashed with the blood of James Stewart, a homeless man found dead in Inman Park on March 1, police said. “The medical examiner concluded that Stewart was stabbed in the head and neck multiple times, one which was to his jugular vein,” Winter Haven police said in a statement last week..

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cheap hats SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe former monarch’s undergarments, the late prime minister’s Canadian hat and the music legend’s cufflinks are among dozens of items amassed by one man over the past 40 years.French auction workers convicted in vast theft scamTragically Hip fan auctions off prized Leafs jersey for cancer researchDavid Gainsborough Roberts, 72, has handed over his collection to Christie’s Auction House, where staff will sell each of the 70 items to the highest bidder on September 14.The eccentric David Gainsborough Roberts, 72, says he’s ready to share his collection with the world. (James Mollison/Christie’s Auction House)”The time has finally arrived to share my collection with the world,” Roberts said in a statement. “I hope my insatiable appetite for the curious, the famous and the infamous will inspire a new generation of custodians.”Roberts, who lives on the English Channel Island of Jersey, first showed an interest in collecting historical items at nine years old. cheap hats

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