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Conference on “Informed Woman, Sustainable Family”

Alkhidmat Foundation Women Wing organized a women’s conference titled “Informed Woman, Sustainable Family”. A good number of women leaders belonging to different walks of life including university students and female journalists attended the conference.

Addressing the conference, Dr. Shahla Ikram, Founder Women Chamber of Commerce said that women hold a significant and acknowledged importance in national and public life. She said every woman is born to play a critically important role. Islam has granted the highest status and rights to a woman that cannot even be visualized in any other society.

Underlining the importance of a stable family, President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Muhammad Abdus Shakoor said that both an informed man and woman are the guarantee to a sustainable family. He said the role of men and women would define the future of a family, its foundation, and its prosperity.

Expressing her views, Kalsoom Ranjha, President Alkhidmat Women Wing said that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to the world as the benefactor of women. She said the Prophet (PBUH) after liberating women from oppression and tyranny gave women her actual status and recognition. She said an informed woman has the potential to build an esteemed society. Kalsoom Ranjha further said that a big proportion of women population is still the victim of ignorance, backwardness, and poverty, and gender discrimination.

The conference also highlighted various activities of the Alkhidmat Women Wing carried out for the welfare of Pakistani women. These include but are not limited to dowry package, winter package, collective marriages, women empowerment initiatives, and others.

Samaya Salman, Assistant Secretary, Sadaf Shahid, Assistant secretary, Zar Afshaan Farheen, Saima Asma, Dr. Naila, Dr. Shahida Parveen, Saba Saqib, and others expressed their views at the conference.

Deputy Secretary-General Women Wing and Ayesha Munawar, former Secretary-General Women Wing Pakistan attended the event as guests of honor.