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Alkhidmat Foundation Delegation Arrives at Kabul In Disaster Management,International

Alkhidmat Foundation Delegation Arrives at Kabul

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in war-torn Afghanistan, a delegation of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan led by Dr Hafeez-ur-Rehman and Khalid Waqas has arrived in Kabul, the capital of the country to determine a route for the provision of relief activities. The delegation called on the Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mansoor Ahmad Khan and conveyed the decision of Alkhidmat’s Central Board of Management that Alkhidmat Foundation would do its best to provide much-needed relief to the people of Afghanistan amid the existing state of affairs. Humanitarian work aimed to mitigate the woes of the IDPs in Kabul is the top-notch priority of the Alkhidmat Foundation, communicated the Alkhidmat delegation. Later, the delegation also paid a visit to the IDP camp to analyse the gravity of the situation prior to launching the relief activities. Ambassador Mansoor Ahmed Khan highly lauded the sincere efforts of the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan for instilling a ray of hope for the people of Afghanistan in these trying times. He said Alkhidmat as usual has proved to be at the forefront of relief operations intended for impacting vulnerable lives.
During the first phase of humanitarian assistance, Alkhidmat Foundation will provide dry rations to IDPs camps across Afghanistan and for this Peshawar route is to be used to dispatch relief goods to deliver them to Kabul.