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Relationships That Last Long In Meetings

Relationships That Last Long

Working relationships with potential donors are something that is highly valued and appreciated in nonprofit organizations. It is ultimately about making an impact and connecting donors’ generosity with tangible change that nonprofit organizations like Alkhidmat Foundation are bringing to the community.
Alkhidmat believes in donor-centered communications and takes all of its supporters and donors on board when it comes to showing them the outcome of their endeavors made to change the lives of vulnerable and underprivileged communities-all to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT).
Mr. Adnan Mian from Bahrain, a longstanding and prospective donor of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan called on President Muhammad Abdus Shakoor here in his office at Alkhidmat Headquarters. Matters of mutual interest were discussed in the meeting.
Thank you Mr. Adnan Mian for visiting us and thank you for your continued support!