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Police Fire On Ambulance And Journalists

Karachi – May 03, 2012, An emergency meeting of senior Al-Khidmat office bearers was held at Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan headquarters in Johar Town, Lahore. Al-Khidmat President, Dr Hafeez-ur-Rahman strongly condemned the incident in the…
strife-torn area of Layari, Karachi, where AlKhidmat relief and rescue staff riding in a clearly marked A-lKhidmat ambulance, as well as some journalists, were fired upon by police personnel.

The party, led by Al-Khidmat Secretary General, Engr. Abdul Aziz, travelling in two vehicles, including the said ambulance which was carrying male and female doctors and other AlKhidmat relief and rescue staff, accompanied by a news van carrying journalists, was taking food rations and clean water for innocent civilians trapped amid firing by armed gangs in Layari, when it came under heavy police fire. People in both the vehicles were able to save their lives by dashing out of range of police fire, and there was,Alhamdulillah, no loss of life, although both the ambulance, as well as the news van, were severely damaged.

 Dr Hafeez-ur-Rahman said Al-Khidmat had always come to the assistance of people in need, and had served them without distinction of caste, color, creed, gender, or ethnicity. He wondered what the Karachi police were trying to prove by firing on journalists on the International Journalists Day and urged higher authorities to take immediate notice of the incident.

 The Al-Khidmat medical team examined more than 1,000 people, as well as giving out free medicines to deserving patients, elsewhere in the city, but was unable to deliver food and water to stranded women, children, and other innocent civilians in Layari, because of the inexplicable and unsafe attitude of the police.