Aghosh Alkhidmat Dera Ismail Khan – Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Aghosh Alkhidmat D. I. Khan

With an aim to provide better educational and character-building facilities to the orphan children in Sothern Punjab, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan established an orphanage in Dera Ismail Khan in 2015. In the beginning, the building was rented for this purpose and the orphanage enrolled as many as 17 orphan children through a transparent admission process and interviews. It was formally inducted into a network of  Alkhidmat Aghosh Homes in 2017 and just like all other Aghosh Homes it also started providing healthcare, recreational and character-building facilities along with residential and educational services. Currently, the number of enrolled orphan students has risen to 51 while 11 staff members provide assistance in its operations. AKFP aims to further expand this orphanage.

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