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Meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammed

An 8-member delegation of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) has held a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammed to explore opportunities and enhance cooperation between countries in the field of humanitarian aid work. The delegation was led by UNIW Secretary General Ali Kurt and AKFP President Muhammad Abdus Shakoor. During the meeting, the Malaysian Prime Minister appreciated the fact that UNIW is providing a global platform to the non-profit entities of the Muslims countries for collaborations to undertake social services. He underscored that NGOs of the Muslim countries should not confine themselves only to the Muslim states but also expand their humanitarian aid work to the other countries in the need of hour. He ensured the UNIW delegation to take every possible step to facilitate the relief work of the non-government organizations. On the occasion, AKFP President Muhammad Abdus Shakoor suggested that Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan should send a joint delegation to visit the Sri Lankan government officials and the victim families of the recent bombings on Easter Sunday which killed scores of people and left many others injured. The suggestion was widely appreciated by the Malaysian Prime Minister.