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Medical Equipments

Amid deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Pakistan is expected to face critical damages due to weak healthcare infrastructure. The country is already facing a shortage of medical supplies including the life-saving equipments and personal protection kits, and the impact is expected to grow in the next weeks as number of patients continues to grow across the country.

Our Achievements

Our Response

Since the beginning of this medical emergency in Pakistan, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is leading from the front to provide necessary healthcare support at all of its hospitals. Around two dozen hospitals have been prepared to be used as treatment facility as well as quarantine centres. These hospitals have also been provided with necessary medical and support equipment, however, with the growing number of patients the AKFP also requires more life saving kits. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan needs the support of generous donors like you to acquire these necessary and life-saving equipment.

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Urgent Need

Medical Equipments Appeal
# Item Qty Price/Piece
1 Bio Safety Cabinet Class A2 2 1,400,000/- Donate Now
2 Bio Safety Cabinet Class B2 2 2,000,000/- Donate Now
3 Real Time PCR Rotor Gene Q (5 Plex) 2 3,200,000 Donate Now
4 Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 2 200,000 Donate Now
5 Plasma Frezer (-40 C) Refurb 2 250,000 Donate Now
6 Autoclave 50 Liter (Refurb) 2 220,000 Donate Now

You can send donations to “Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan” through online donation, bank transfer or our local offices.