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Lebanon Appeal

Beirut, Lebanon: 135 killed and thousands injured after huge explosion


Two explosions erupted in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, which sent shockwaves across the city and beyond as the people felt the impact up to 300 km away, with individuals in neighboring island Cyprus reporting noise and shaking windows.Houses, buildings and full city blocks were destroyed while thousands of citizens were injured and needed immediate care. Hospitals, which were already overwhelmed due to rising Covid-19 cases, are dealing with mass casualties despite limited resources. According to reports, three hospitals have been fully destroyed while two are seriously damaged. The death toll is currently at 137 and rising, and 5,000 have been injured.

The Lebanese currency has depreciated by 80% since October due to the government’s chronic mismanagement of debt, with banks now strictly limiting citizens’ withdrawals. People were already struggling to pay for food prior to this disaster. Now a looming humanitarian crisis of unprecedented and unimaginable scale is going to hit Lebanon. There’s no money, no food, no homes.

People of the city are bearing with the post-accident trauma on one hand and homeless, hungry and helpless on the other hand. People are cleaning the streets by their own and trying to muster up their fellow citizens.

Our Activities


In this time of need, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is here to support the needy Muslims in Beirut, Lebanon. We will be providing Tents, Dried Ration, Cooked Food and First-aid services in the first phase of our rescue operation for Beirut.

Your support for the cause of humanity has always been vital and a dire need of tough times. Please step ahead and help the cause with your financial and moral support!

Food Package
PKR 5,000/-
Medical Camp
PKR 25,500/-

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Here our bank detail available for direct deposit your donation for Qurbani.

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