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It Is All About Quality, Not Quantity In Training

It Is All About Quality, Not Quantity

Successful operation management in any kind of organization is due to an appropriate understanding of what is a system, adeptness, effectiveness, and innovation.
In the nonprofit sector, as in business and government, performance is the ultimate test of an organization. Alkhidmat Foundation being a high-performing organization time and again checks, rechecks and manages high quality elements in all of its operation areas.
Under the Staff Development Program, a workshop on quality management in operations was held at Alkhidmat Complex Lahore. The regional and head office staff of Orphan Family Support Program attended the workshop. The participants were provided an in-depth insight into the whole process system of the organization encompassing a fundamental way of thinking about, operating, and managing various project operations. Interesting themes such as teamwork, communication, and leadership to achieving performance excellence were discussed in the workshop.