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Implementation of Water Well In Clean Water

Implementation of Water Well

Water is critically important for sustainable human life. In many parts of our country especially in the far-flung areas of Thar Desert, KPK, as well as Punjab, the local residents are going through scarcity of clean drinking water. This affects badly the human population, agriculture, animals, and other lives in the surroundings.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is helping people in the provision of clean drinking water. From installing water filtration plants in the big metropolitan cities to digging wells in the hilly and deserty areas and hand pumps in rural areas, we are facilitating the communities so that life in these regions goes on and on-all incessantly.

Photograph description: Alkhidmat Foundation officials are inaugurating
Community Water Well project in the village of Malkot, District Battagram, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As many as 22 families would benefit from this scheme on daily basis.