Giving Is Life. Mr. Salim Ghauri – Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan
Giving Is Life. Mr. Salim Ghauri In Event,Training,Workshop

Giving Is Life. Mr. Salim Ghauri

As part of its initiatives aimed at enhancing staff’s leadership and professional skills, Alkhidmat Foundation invited Mr. Salim Ghauri, the renowned entrepreneur, IT leader, and businessman for a motivational talk.
Sharing his life story and its ups and downs with the participants, Mr. Salim Ghauri said that the recipe for success encompassed the core values of hard work, passion, persistence and most importantly staying optimistic throughout life and making intention clearer. He said there is no shortcut to winning success as good things always take time and happen in the long run. He said there was no harm in having bigger dreams, what is critically important it is our planning that should be smaller and to the point. It is because Almighty Allah has the best plans for us and He knows when and what is the best time for us. He said becoming wealthier is not a big deal since everybody has the right to be rich enough provided that they use lawful means, but what matters a lot is the passion of giving to people. He said the more we give to people, the more we receive from God. Giving actually leads to returns. It does come back to us in multiple forms and in many different and interesting ways. Mr. Ghauri said Nature works in its own way to help those whose intentions are good to do the business and who think and meditate on the state-of-affairs by going ahead with their endgame desires.
“Entrepreneurial mind is the guarantee to success. And if you have this type of thinking, you are likely to survive amid the ups and downs of life, so never think of giving up because if you give up, you would be disappointed and disappointment causes failure. Learn from your mistakes, believe in yourself, and show leadership skills”, said the IT business magnate.