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General Council Meeting of Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore’s

Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore’s General Council at Community Resource Center CRC concluded on 15th December 2019 Sunday. Mr. Abdus Shakoor (President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan) presided over the meeting. Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore’s management thoroughly examined the progress of various on-going projects. The policies and recommendations discussed in last year’s General Council meeting were also discussed.
Mr. Mughees Shahid Qureshi (Secretary-General Alkhidmat Lahore) presented an overview of last year’s General Council’s recommendations and their implementation.
The progress report of all the seven chapters for the session 2018 – 2019 were also presented by the director of concerned department.
Mr. Abdul Aziz Abid (President Alkhidmat Lahore) guided everyone about the goals & targets for the upcoming year.
The financial & audit report for the year (18-19) was also discussed by financial adviser Mr. Adeel Aeesh.
Mr. Engr Ahmad Hammad Rashid (Vice President Alkhidmat Lahore) discussed Alkhidmat Lab progress & the construction of Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore’s Model Study Center & CRC.
The meeting ended with instructions and prayers by Mr. Abdus Shakoor (President Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan).
Arshad Mirza, Muhammad Azeem, Ch. Saleem, Zubair Siddiqui, Muhammad Khaleeq, Haris Soban, Nukhbat Awan, Ijaz Nazir, DrMuhammad Ashraf, Dr. Asif Khokhar, Malik Muhammad Munir represented their departments.

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