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Appeal for Palestine

Our Palestinian brothers and sisters are in the dire need of our support as Israeli airstrikes continue killing and injuring innocent people and bombarding their houses and shelters. Violence is escalating from Jerusalem to Gaza. As per media reports, more than 30 people have lost their lives, including nine children. Even the Israeli government did not bother to leave the peaceful worshippers in the historical Al-Aqsa mosque.

Current Situation

Our Response

Alkhidmat Foundation in coordination with the Turkish humanitarian organization Palestinian Red Crescent Society is working on the ground to ensure timely relief to the Palestinian brothers and sisters. We are providing food, water, medicines, and other essentials to relieve their suffering. But, to continue this service nonstop, we need you support us financially. As a matter of fact, without your support, we can’t reach out to save previous lives crying out for our help from Jerusalem, Gaza Strip to the West Bank. Please feel the pain of Palestine as the situation is getting worse day-to-day.

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Send your donations to Alkhidmat Foundation and play your part in the efforts to alleviating the plight of Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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