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Condolence Reference of Asim Elahi Mangat In Event

Condolence Reference of Asim Elahi Mangat

A condolence reference was held at Alkhidmat Complex Lahore in the memory of Asim Elahi Mangat, the beloved son of Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Mangat, vice president of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan. A good number of people from all walks of life including friends and family members of (Late) Asim Elahi Mangat showed up to the event. Muhammad Abdus Shakoor, the central President of AKF, Shahid Iqbal, Secretary-General, Syed Ehsanullah Waqas, senior vice president, and others spoke on the occasion and shared their memories of Asim Elahi Mangat. The speakers said that God-fearing, kindhearted and virtuous youth like Asim are rarely found in this era of turmoil and deviation from the true path. They said Asim despite being so young, was inspired by the philanthropic work and dedicated his life to the wellbeing of humanity. He was very passionate who discovered Allah’s pleasure in loving and taking care of fellow human beings.
Dr. Mushtaq Mangat said he was proud to be the father of a son who spent a good and purposeful life that is a source of inspiration for the family and all those who knew him in some or other way.

Asif Elahi Mangat, the elder brother of Asim also shared some of the memories of his brother.
May Allah be pleased by Asim Elahi Mangat and grant him highest place in Jannah. Ameen.