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Community Services

Pakistan is facing multifarious social problems for years ranging from poverty to civic ignorance and lack of basic facilities of life. People face severe problems in terms of health, education, and economy. The country stands at 154th position in Human Development Index (HDI) and almost 51% of Pakistan’s population is deprived of basic necessities (health, education, etc.). ”The best amongst you is the one who helps others“.


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Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has vision of a safe, educated and healthy community and over the last three decades the organization is best known for resolution of the social issues of poor and needy people. Alkhidmat is working on a mission of harmonious community possessing good health, education, awareness, and a responsible attitude towards the overall progress of the country.

Alkhidmat Community Services address suffering caused by poverty, physical disabilities and imprisonment through its various initiatives. It addresses these issues by organizing the various humanitarian projects across Pakistan.

Community Services

Food Package Food Package
PKR 4,500/Package

Food Package

Food is a basic necessity of life and this need can’t be avoided by a living being. The recent economic recession due Corona Pandemic has made the life of a common man more diffi…

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Qurbani Qurbani Project
PKR 84,000/Cow
PKR 25,000/Goat


Pakistan is a Muslim country as Islam is the official religion. The majority of the people are Muslims and fortunately, all of them are practicing Muslims. Unfortunately, a large…

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Winter Package Winter Package
PKR 3,500/Package

Winter Package

With temperatures dropping to a record low across the country during the winter season, the northern parts of Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Khyber Pakht…

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Masjid Rehabilitation Masjid construction & Rehabilitation
PKR 0.7 - 1.5 Million

Masjid construction & Rehabilitation

Masajid plays a vital role in the social and religious harmony in a Muslim community. Since Masajid is considered to be a…

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Prisoner Relief Prisoner Relief
PKR 2,000/Hygiene kit
PKR 100,000/Release

Prisoner Relief

Freedom is the most basic right of every human. Community Services also provide assistance to the prisoners releasing after they complete their punishment sentence and also convi…

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Wheelchair Distribution Wheelchair Program
PKR 15,000/ Chair

Wheelchair Program

Distribution of Wheelchairs is also the sub-service of Community Services Program. The Beneficiaries, prior to provision of Wheelchairs were living in very miserable conditions b…

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Eid/Diwali Gifts Eid/Diwali Gifts
PKR 3,000/Gift

Eid/Diwali Gifts

Minorities are an important part of a society. Based on the true values of Islam and Humanity, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan works tirelessly for minorities in Pakistan throughout the year…

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