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Community Hand Pump

Community Hand Pump

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter has implemented another #Clean Drinking Water Project (#Community Hand Pump) at Village Madrassa lilbanat Kalabat Chowk, District Buner. Around 31 families living in the locality will benefit from this #Water Project daily. #water #Pakistan #Support #help

Gravity Flow Scheme

Gravity Flow

While the mountainous areas of Pakistan face water-scarcity, the storage and supply of natural rainfall water is another major issues in this region. For this purpose, AKFP relies on Gravity Flow Schemes to facilitate supply of clean water for domestic usage at homes. Recently, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter has implemented another Gravity Flow

Submersible Water Project

Clean Water

Keeping in view the worst water-scarcity in #Tharparkar region, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is implementing different water projects to improve the situation. Recently, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan #Sindh chapter has implemented another #Clean #Drinking #Water Project (Submersible Water Pump) at #Village Malye Jotar, District Tharparkar. Around 36 families will benefit from this Water Project daily, according to

Alkhidmat General Council 2020

The meeting of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s General Council is underway at Alkhidmat Complex, Lahore for a second day. AKFP President Muhammad Abdus Shakoor is presiding over the meeting while the representatives from all regions are participating to review the ongoing welfare projects and discuss the proposals of several new humanitarian aid projects in different parts

Health Screening Camp for Orphans

Along with the provision of necessary financial support to the orphan children and their families, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan regularly arranges special health screening camps for the sponsored orphan children and their mothers to ensure their healthy growth. These camps are organized by the regional and local AKFP officials. In a similar effort, AKFP North Punjab