Alkhidmat Central Board of Management (CBM) Meets – Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan
Alkhidmat Central Board of Management (CBM) Meets In Meetings

Alkhidmat Central Board of Management (CBM) Meets

The Central Board of Management of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan met today under the Presidency of Muhammad Abdus Shakoor, President AKFP here at Alkhidmat Complex, Lahore. This was the 1st meeting of the Central Board of Management for the year 2021.
The Board reviewed the overall performance in the backdrop of global and domestic challenges and various areas of relief operations of Alkhidmat Foundation including different projects and initiatives. The Board discussed the progress of various departments of the organization. It also assessed the element of quality to be maintained in all and sundry projects and operation areas of the organization.
All the members actively took part in the lively discussion that encompassed risk management, resource maximization, how to ensure balance between competing priorities of scoping, budgeting and scheduling.